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Schmidt Thermal Processing Ltd have been established in New Zealand since 1983, manufacturing thermal processing equipment for New Zealand Industry. These industries include dairy, meat, wine, food processing and chemical plants.

The range of equipment manufactured in close association with API Schmidt-Bretten GmbH, Germany, include cream treatment plants, pasteurisers and plate heat exchangers.

In1989 the increasing size of New Zealand dairy herds saw the introduction of the Sigmafix X19 industrial plate heat exchangers to provide larger capacity farm milk cooling. The X19’s are now in wide spread use throughout New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Manufacture is to the American 3A Standard No.11-05 for milk and milk type products.
Authorisation No.1093.

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Cooling Towers

Maxichill Cooling Towers Supply Large Volume Low Cost Pre Cooling Water. Sizes 10 tons to 95 tons and higher Cooling 9,000 l/d uses only 345 litres of water a day.

When using a Maxichill Cooling Tower your Lowest Night time Temperature plus 3°C is the Precooling Water Temperature for the Next Day's Milking.

Heat Exchangers

Schmidt Sigmafix X19 Industrial Plate Heat Exchangers, available as Single Bank or Double Bank will Pre Cool and Deep Cool Farm Milk.

Common sizes 5,000 l/h, 7,500 l/h, & 10,000 l/h to 15,000 l/h

For Best on Farm Practice use Sigmafix X19 Plate Heat Exchangers with Flow Rates of 3:1 Water and/or Glycol to Milk Flow Rates to get:

   A: Best Milk Cooling Rate

   B: Best Milk Temperatue into Farm Tank

   C: Best Electric Power Cost

   D: Best Capital Cost - 3:1 Flow Ratios need Fewer Plates

   E: Lowest Milk Residence Time in Plate Heat Exchanger

   F: Smallest Volume of Milk in Plate Heat Exchanger

Single Bank
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Double Bank
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Fluid Chillers

Fluid Chillers Pty Ltd's Packaged Chillers supply Continuous Ice Water for Cooling Farm Milk to any temperature. Sizes 15kW/h to 100kW/h.

We can supply Fluid Chillers that enable 24 hour milking, cooling milk to 4°C or lower before the milk enters the farm tank or straight into the milk tanker for collection during milking.